5kW AC Output + 10.24kWh LFP Battery Energy Storage System

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  • 5kW AC Input/Output at 120V 60Hz (Surge 10kW for Output).
  • 10.24kWh LFP Battery Capacity (Expandable up to 40.96kWh).
  • 48V System – An Efficient and Secure Power Solution.
  • Integrated and Compact Design for Easy Assembly.
  • Customizable to Suit Your Needs – Ideal for Homes, RVs, and More.
  • Real-time Smart APP Controls.
  • Top Safety Certifications: ETL.
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Compatible with 98% Solar Appliances

Product information

5kW AC Output/10.24kWh LFP Battery

Off-grid Builds

Our kits, featuring compact and modular solar components with Plug-and-Play connectors, seamlessly adapt to any off-grid homes, ensuring a reliable power solution for all your requirements.


Whether upgrading your van's electricals or starting from scratch, our plug-and-play Power Kits let you easily tailor your hardware to fit your van's size and energy needs.


Modular Storage System

We made our modular system plug-and-play so you can quickly customize your van power whenever you want. Simply stack a battery to increase capacity, or plug in a solar panel for faster charging.


Integrated & Compact Design

Combining the functionalities of a charger, MPPT charge controller, and inverter into one compact unit, our charger inverter saves you valuable installation space and time.

Quick Connection

Equipped with quick connectors, unlike conventional ring terminals, our LFP batteries eliminate the need for manual tightening. This enables swift and effortless connections between battery units.


ETL/UL Certified

Our inverters and batteries are ETL certified, ensuring top-notch safety standards. The real-time communication between the inverter and battery guarantees a secure and reliable solar energy solution for your home or business.


Advanced IoT Capabilities

Stay connected to your energy usage both at home and on the move. Our mobile app offer a range of user-friendly settings and real-time data tracking options. 1. Effortlessly monitor your power consumption on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 2. Seamlessly take control from anywhere, anytime, enabling remote management. 3. Stay up-to-date by regularly updating your firmware for enhanced functionality.


Powering Possibilities

Our large-scale solar systems feature high-performance components. This ensures optimal power output and efficiency, providing a reliable and eco-friendly solution for diverse energy needs in homes, businesses, and industrial applications. Customers can benefit from significant energy savings, reducing reliance on traditional utilities and resulting in lower bills.

Connection Diagram

Package Includes

1 x 48V 5000W Solar Charger Inveretr
2 x 51.2V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
1 x 1000V 32A Solar Isolator Switch (MC4 Connectors)
1 x 20A Inline Fuse Holder with Fuse
1 x 3.3ft 4mm²(AWG #11) Solar Connection Cable (MC4 Connector to Pin Terminal)
1 x 5kW 63A 9.8ft 10mm²(AWG #7) 3-Conductor AC Output Cable
1 x 0.9ft 25mm²(AWG #3) Battery Cable (Quick Connectors)
1 x 32.8ft 4mm²(AWG #11) Solar Extension Cable (MC4 Connectors)
1 x 6.56ft 6mm²(AWG #9) Inverter-to-Battery Grounding Cable (Ring Terminals)
1 x 6.56ft 25mm²(AWG #3) Battery Inverter Cables (Quick Connector to Ring Terminal)
1 x 6.6ft 0.2mm²(AWG #24) Inverter-to-Battery 8-Conductor Communication Cable (4A7B to 7A8B)
1 Set x Solar Panel Mounting Z Brackets


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