100W 12V Anti-Crack Flexible Solar Panel

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  • Anti-Crack Technology
  • 23% conversion rate
  • 4.9 pounds weight, 0.09 inches thin
  • Bendable up to 240 degrees
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 6 pre-drilled mounting holes
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    Compatible with 98% Solar Appliances

    Product information

    Calpha 100W 12V Anti-Crack Flexible Solar Panel

    Solid Copper Foundation Technology

    Anti-Crack Solar Cell

    • Anti-Reflective Film
      reduces reflection and enhances light absorption
    • Ultra-Pure Silicon
      ensures 23% high efficiency and optimal performance
    • Solid Copper Foundation
      4x stronger reliability than conventional cells

    Tougher than you think

    Totally Different & Way Better

    The solid copper foundation of our anti-crack solar cells enables them to bend under tough conditions where others break, minimizing power losses caused by cracks and breakages, and delivering up to 30% more output power compared to conventional cells.

    Lower Degradation Rates

    Reliability for Greater Savings

    Through professional laboratory bending tests, our anti-crack solar panels have demonstrated the lower degradation rates. Their reliability is nearly 4 times stronger compared to conventional panels, ensuring that your investment pays off even more.

    Flexible and Portable

    Ideal for Unconventional Mounting Surfaces

    • Extreme Flexibility: capable of bending up to 240 degrees.
    • Weighing Only 4.9 Pounds: 1/4th the weight of traditional panels.
    • 0.09 Inches Thin: 95% thinner than their rigid counterparts.
    • Both 6 metal-reinforced mounting holes and silicone structural adhesive enable fast and easy installation.

    Built to Withstand Harsh Environments

    Equipped with an IP67 rated junction box and connectors, advanced lamination, and an anti-crack foundation, they endure water and dust, ensuring continuous performance even in harsh conditions.

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    Wide Applications


    RV Camping

    Curved Roofs

    Outdoor Adventures

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    Calpha 100W 12V Anti-Crack Flexible Solar Panel

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