100W 12V All-Black Flexible Solar Panel

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  • Flex up to 240 degrees
  • Lightweight as 6.2 pounds
  • 23% Conversion Rate
  • IP68 Rating Weather Resistance
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Compatible with 98% Solar Appliances

Product information

Calpha 100W 12V All-Black Flexible Solar Panel

With its impressive flexibility of up to 240 degrees and high 23% conversion rate, it's the lightweight and weather-resistant solution you need for efficient and reliable power supply.

High Solar Conversion Rate

With a high 23% conversion rate, it efficiently converts sunlight into usable energy, ensuring optimal power generation. monocrystaline solar cells

Extreme Flexible & Super Lightweight

Perfect Choice for Curved Surfaces

Our panels can bend up to 240 degrees, ensuring a simple and secure installation on RVs or curved roofs. At just 6.2 pounds, they are extremely lightweight and highly portable, offering a practical and minimalist energy solution.

IP68* Waterproof Rating

Built to Weather the Storm

Our 100W flexible solar panel can capture solar energy through even the heaviest rain. With a protective ETFE film, the panel’s solar cells can withstand many environments, from humid to dry.


Seamlessly Connect to Your Solar System

With its all-inclusive solar connector, our 100W rigid solar panel can be easily connected to any of your existing third-party solar systems. Whether you have a 48V power system or multiple panels, you can effortlessly charge them using our solar panel.

2 mounting methods

Installation Ready

6 pre-cut reinforced grommets and 2.3ft cables ensure a flexible and simple installation. You can also securely attach the panel to any surface using silicone adhesive.

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100W 12V All-Black Flexible Solar Panel


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