3500W 48V Parallel All-in-One Charger Inverter

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  • Hybrid System: 3-in-1 Compact Design.
  • MPPT Charge Controller: 99% Efficiency.
  • 3500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • UPS: Responds within 10 milliseconds.
  • Dual Automatic Cooling Fans.
  • LCD Display & 3 LED Indicators.
  • Amplify System Potential with Parallel Inverters.
  • IoT Mobile APP: Real-Time and Remote Smart Controls.
  • Multi-Certified with CE, FCC, UN38.3, IEC62109.

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Compatible with 98% Solar Appliances

Product information

Calpha 3500W 48V Parallel All-in-One Charger Inverter

All-in-One Compact Design

Simplify your installation process and say goodbye to complex wire connections. Our charger inverter combines the functions of a solar charger, solar charger inverter, and inverter, all within a single compact design. This innovative integration not only saves you valuable space but also reduces the time and effort required for installation.

Effortlessly increase your solar power capacity with Parallel Connection.

Expandable Power for Your Needs

Our 3.5kWh charger inverter is designed expandable by parallel connection. Connecting multiple solar charger inverters in parallel can unlock higher power output and meet your growing energy needs. Parallel connection ensures enhanced redundancy and system reliability. If one inverter encounters an issue, others continue to function, minimizing downtime. Optimized Performance: Distributed power load allows for efficient energy distribution, reducing strain on individual inverters and maximizing overall system performance.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Exceptional Power Reliability

With a lightning-fast response time of less than 0.01 seconds, our solar inverter charger ensures an immediate reaction to power outages, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your critical devices and appliances.

Cooling Performance

Automatic Cooling Fans

This solar charger inverter is equipped with Dual Automatic Cooling Fans. These intelligent fans constantly monitor system temperature, adjusting their speed to maintain optimal operating conditions, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and significantly extend the lifespan of your solar power system.

LCD display

Real-time Power Updates

LCD Display provides real-time charging and loading information. 3 LED indicators show the working status and identify potential errors. 4 setting buttons allow personalized settings.

Advanced Battery Management

Benefit from our 10-year Battery Management System (BMS) design expertise and over 30 internal protective measures. The BMS ensures optimal performance and longevity of your power source by monitoring, protecting, and controlling critical parameters such as voltage, temperature, and current.

Monitor & Manage with Ease

3 easy steps to get IoT mobile App support: 1. Effortlessly connect your WiFi to the solar inverter. 2. Monitor the status of your charger inverter on your mobile device. 3.Personalize usage modes according to your preferences.

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3500W 48V Parallel 3-in-1 Charger Inverter


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