Unleash the Power of Solar Energy

Calpha is committed to providing intelligent, adaptable, user-friendly, and scalable solar storage systems suitable for a range of applications, including outdoor entertainment, residential, and electrical power systems.

Advancing Solar Solutions

We're dedicated to renewable energy transition with the whole world, delivering intelligent solar systems for homes, outdoor entertainment, and commercial power system. Let's experience the potential of abundant solar energy like never before!

Expertise Since 2005

Our founding team of solar pioneers has been in this industry since 2005.
Our team of electrical engineers and battery experts upholds the highest
industry standards, guaranteeing reliable and top-quality solutions you
can trust.

Innovation & Evolution

Discover our intelligent systems that maximize efficiency. With advanced IoT monitoring and control, managing your solar storage system becomes effortless. Our modular solar system design makes future
upgrades a breeze. We constantly push boundaries, evolving our energy solutions to meet your changing needs.

Excellence in Supply & Support

At Calpha, we strive for excellence in supply chain and support. Our global supply chain ensures the highest product quality and availability, while localized services and personalized support through our branch offices and partners enhance your experience.