48V/51.2V 100Ah Smart LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

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  • High-Quality: Designed with new A+ grade battery cells
  • Integrated Circuit breaker: Safeguards energy system and devices
  • BMS: More than 30 internal protections
  • Certifications: CE, ETL, and UL1973
  • Plug and Play Design: Simply plug in and power up
  • Compatibility: Compatible with major inverter brands and ideal for homes & cabins & sheds
  • Longer lifespan: 95% DOD, 6000 Charge Cycles at 80% DOD
  • Cost Saving: Lifetime cost down to $0.05/kWh
  • Connect in Parallel: Expandable for 76.8kWh of backup power (15P)
  • Two Mount Options: Rack Mount/Wall Mount
Product: 1 Battery
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Product: 1 Battery
Product information

Calpha 51.2V 100Ah Smart Lithium Solar Battery

Superior Safety with A+ Cells

The Calpha 5.12kWh lithium solar battery for off grid solar systems is designed with new A+ grade battery cells that adhere to industry-leading standards. It does not incorporate recycled materials, ensuring the use of high-quality materials, advanced technology, and reliable energy storage. It ensures significantly higher safety levels compared to ternary lithium batteries due to its inherent chemical stability, uniform cell quality, efficient heat dissipation, and non-flammable electrolytes.

Advanced Battery Management System

Based on 10 years of solar Battery Management System (BMS) expertise and more than 30 internal protections, we have developed this solar battery for off grid solar system. The BMS ensures optimal performance and longevity of your power source by monitoring, protecting, and controlling critical parameters such as voltage, temperature, and current.

15 years Usage Lifespan

With an impressive 6000 cycles at 80% DOD, this solar battery offers twice the longevity of other lithium batteries, making it an excellent choice for solar energy storage for camping trips and home battery backup. Its 15-year lifespan ensures peace of mind and long-term savings. Additionally, the 5-year warranty provides added assurance and protection for your solar battery backup systems.

Connect in Parallel

Maximize the runtime of your off-grid power systems by connecting 15 Calpha 51.2V 100Ah Solar Batteries in parallel, you can get an impressive 76.8 kWh of power. This exceptional scalability empowers you to customize your power needs precisely, whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Smart Monitoring

Calpha 48V(51.2V) 100Ah Lithium Battery seamlessly integrates with a Wi-Fi communication dongle and IoT mobile app, providing real-time access to critical battery information. It supports multiple communication interfaces, including RS485, CAN, and RS232, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems. By enabling communication with inverters, our battery enhances safety measures and promotes efficient energy flow.

Plug and Play Design

Enjoy the convenience of a seamless setup experience, whether you're a seasoned solar enthusiast or a first-time user. Our user-friendly plug-and-play connector simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on harnessing the power of solar energy rather than getting caught up in intricate installation procedures.

Circuit Breaker

Our battery's integrated circuit breaker promptly responds to excessive currents or faults, ensuring the safety of your energy system and connected devices. With advanced monitoring and automatic interruption features, potential hazards are prevented, allowing uninterrupted operation.

Rack Mount and Wall Mount Options

The Rack Mount option effortlessly integrates into your existing setup, maximizing space efficiency and ensuring a secure installation. Alternatively, our Wall Mount solution offers a space-saving alternative, securely mounting the batteries on any suitable wall surface. Both methods prioritize safety, convenience, and efficient maintenance, empowering you with reliable power solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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51.2V 100Ah Smart LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


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Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V
Operating Voltage Range: 42.0V ~ 57.6V Nominal Capacity: 100 Ah
Depth of Discharge (DOD): 95% Recommended Charge/Discharge Current: 75A
Max. Continuous Charge/Discharge Current: 100A Peak Charge/Discharge Current: 125A (1 sec)
Cycle Life: >6000 cycles, 25°C Electrical Connection: Quick Connector

Expansion / Communication / Protection
Expansion Method: Parallel (Up to 15 units) Communication: RJ45 Port (RS485 / CAN)
Over Current Protection: Circuit Breaker & BMS Soft Switch    

Model: BR51100 Design Life: 15+ Years
Water-proof Rating: IP20 Charge Temperature: 32℉ ~ 140℉ (0℃ ~ 60℃)
Discharge Temperature: -4℉ ~ 140℉ (-20℃ ~ 60℃) Dimensions [W*D*H]: 17.5*15.7*5.1 inches / 445*400*130 mm
Weight: 91.5 lbs/41.5 kg Certifications: CE-EMC / UN38.3 / UL1973 / IEC62619
Warranty: 5-year Material and Workmanship Warranty    

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great battery. Very helpful rep and support.

I feel this good company (Calpha Solar) need some acknowledgment of its good products. The Calpha 100ah battery works like a charm. I'm using them to run a 48v inverter for 300-watt continuous load and I have no problem so far. When I had questions, the rep contacted me right away and I'd also talked to a US technical engineer. The support was excellent, pleasant, and the rep is very helpful. I'm just learning to work with solar harvesting and when it times to step up to large battery storage my transition was successful. The batteries fully charge and discharge as expected. I am got ample of storage and energy. I don't have the equipment to accurately test, but the amount of wattage I've measured using a kil-a-watt shows that I'm getting the promised amperages. I live in the Los Angeles area, and shipping is fast -- like 3 days -- faster then I'd expected. I'm not paid for endorsement of any kind by the company; this is just my way of showing I appreciate its services.

great value for the capacity

customer service has been a big help with my questions regarding my battery.

Eliseo A. Mak
Good upgrade

Just on the weight difference it's a big improvement. It worked perfect from the initial install. Got 18.5 miles out of the 1 battery and that was in range of the advertised range. I also had my foot on the pedal pretty hard as well so I think had I not been so foot heavy it would have went farther. This was a great upgrade at a very good price. I would highly recommend this battery for anyone changing from lead acid to lifepo4.

Michael D. Dix
Works great. Charged by the sun on my boat.

It has worked perfectly on my boat (which appreciate the lighter weight compared to an AGM or lead acid). It powers my small fridge and all lights. The voltage barely goes down when the fridge runs. After a whole night it barely shows a discharge and then the sun charges it again. Beautiful. Works great. I was having a horrible experience with sealed batteries just dying on me all the time.

Kristopher M. Sonnenberg
Great batteries...we bought another!!

This is our second battery to add additional running time. The first battery has worked flawlessly and their after service has been exceptional as they have replied with precise detail to all our questions within 24hrs.