5 x 15A Fuse for Solar Inline Fuse Holder

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Calpha Solar Fuse Holder(with 15A inline fuse) – is a robust and essential component for your solar power system. Designed with durability and safety in mind, this fuse holder is engineered to protect your solar installation from overcurrent conditions, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
  • Designed for a wide range of DC applications.
  • Simple plug-and-play.
  • Auto-lock equipment of male and female points renders connections easy and reliable.
  • Waterproof - IP67 Class Protection.
  • Insulation material PPO.
    High current-carrying capacity
  • Protection Class II
  • Connector adopts touch and insertion of reed with inner-knob type

Compatible with PV cables with different insulation diameters.

Package Includes

2 x Solar Waterproof fuse holder
5 x 15A Inline fuse

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